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Council 830 and City of Denison Join in Rehabilitation of Seniors Homes

By Edward Diaz

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Last year, new member of the Knights Frank Ventura approached the members of Council 830 and proposed the council assist senior citizens in the community by improving the exterior of their homes that had fallen in disrepair. In many cases the seniors neither had the resources or the ability to perform ordinary maintenance on their homes including landscaping, painting, etc. Ventura approached the City of Denison and asked if they would assist the council and the city responded they would provide the paint and sprayer if the Knights would perform the work. The city also provided a list of homes that needed the repairs.

The Council completed two homes last year much to the delight of the homeowners and the City. This year they have also completed two homes with the fourth home being the first home belonging to a parishioner and member of the Knights of Columbus. Pictured in the photo are Knights their families and some parishioners who were part of the rehab crew. Support to the project has been outstanding not only by the council but from the parish community.

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