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Davis Lambright Council 4101

By SK David Siebold Davis Lambright Council 4101

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

The Davis Lambright has had a busy summer helping others to have a better life.

Our Knights Hands In Action Program in July, the Knights Hands group was in action to help build an awning over a porch for a disabled parishioner:

And in March Replacing a deck for a handicapped parishioner:

Painting a parishioner’s house in September: Our Helping Hands program has benefited many families who need our support.

The Knights are extremely active with Knights Hands - a program to help needy families with minor house repairs, yard work etc.

We also had weekend event at all masses for the American Wheelchair Program and we were able to collect over $5,000.

Another Sunday we set up table where people could write on a small plastic tag memorials that we attached to crosses fr the 40 Days for Life - the donations of $3,000 were sent to Mothers and Unborn Baby Care. The Knights and youth put up over 500 crosses.

Last Sunday we began a program through the Knights of Columbus called "Coats for Kids" - we are planning on distributing coats to needy kids at 3 elementary schools in our area.

That is besides our monthly Breakfast Sunday where we donate the proceeds to several charities and our school and a Bi-monthly blood drive.

Let me know if you have any questions. Check out our newsletter - it has gained lots of great comments. http://kofcknights.org/CouncilSite/newsletters.asp?CNO=4101.

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