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St. Michael Assembly 1527 of Flatonia

By Martin Luchak

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


The Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree, Our Lady of Guadalupe Province District 6, St. Michael Assembly #1527 of Flatonia, Schulenburg, and Weimar installed new officers at the Columbus KC Hall for the fraternal year 2017-2018.

Front left: District Marshal-Raymond Sykowski, Three-year Trustee-Andrew Bockholt, Faithful Scribe-David Wanjura, Faithful Friar-MSGR. John C. Bily, District Marshal-Joe Soto, Faithful Pilot-Charles Herzik.

Back left: Faithful Captain-Thomas Bargas, Faithful Navigator-Raymond Prihoda, Faithful Inner Sentinel-Richard Schacherl, Faithful Outer Sentinel-Dennis Olsovsky, Faithful Admiral-Tim Leihardt,and Faithful Comptroller-Martin Luchak.

Not picture Faithful Purser-Francis Janacek, One Year Trustee-Teddy Bratton, and Two Year Trustee-Jimmie Bertsch.

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