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Supreme District Deputy Challenge Coin Program

By Chris Johnson, Education, Training and Communication Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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Brothers, we are fast approaching the Mid-Year meeting. As I told you at the Organizational meeting, we have a challenge for you. Complete the Supreme District Deputy training and print your completion certificate. Bring a copy of the completion certificate to the Education & Training session for your diocese at the Mid-year meeting and we will award you with a special Texas State Council challenge coin. You must present the completion certificate in person to receive the challenge coin.


To complete the training, just sign in to the Supreme Micro Training sight at https://goo.gl/fFrac9. Follow the simple sign in instructions and complete the training. After you have completed the training, it will give you an opportunity to print your certificate. When I took the training, I had to leave the training sight and come back in order to print my completion certificate.

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