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Wharton KC Hall 3262

By Leroy Dettling, Deputy Grand Knight Council 3262

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Over 40 members of the Knights of Columbus 3262, Wharton, TX suffered water damage to their homes as flood waters from the Colorado, San Bernard Rivers and Baughman Slough and Peach Creek entered their homes the week of August 29. The worst disaster in Wharton County since the flood of 1913. Shown here is the Columbus Club Hall located north of Wharton, with 4-1/2 feet of water surrounding it. Fortunately, damage was to a minimum, as only the office and walk-in cooler, and barbecue pits were damaged. Brother Knights continued to serve during September and October at shelters, distribution points, and assisting Team Rubicon in the cleaning debris out of over 1,300 homes in Wharton and eastern Wharton County.

Council 3262 next major project is the 32nd year of the Feast of Sharing, serving over 1,400 traditional Thanksgiving Day Dinners to the Wharton and surrounding communities on Thanksgiving Day. The meal is made possible with a donation of turkeys and groceries from HEB Food Store. Brother Knights and Community Volunteers pitch in to cook the meal. 200 meals are delivered by the local Boy Scouts and their leaders to area Senior Citizen Apartment Complexes and homebound individuals. The meal is free to the public.

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