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Ask a Catholic Man to Join Us!

By Doug Oldmixon, State Deputy

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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The Knights of Columbus is proud to be the co-sponsor of many Catholic Men’s events, conferences and gatherings each year. As the original Catholic men’s organization, we are both men of prayer and men of action. Recapturing the founding genius of Father Michael McGivney through the Order’s “Building the Domestic Church” initiative, we bind ourselves more closely to our Church, enabling us to witness to and serve more effectively the communities we live in – our families, parishes, cities, state and nation.

We pledge to each member that we will support and assist each other to become better Catholics, better men, better husbands, better fathers and better citizens. Our devotion to the Rosary, prayer programs like the travelling icon, silver rose and dedication to the Holy Family endear us to the Church we support as its strong right arm, celebrating our clergy and religious and supporting their vocations.

We provide many opportunities for meaningful service, the true measure of manhood, sacrificing our time, talents and treasure to serve others; sacrificing our own interests in a “Service Inspired by Faith”. Whether through wheelchairs, emergency relief, food drives, Special Olympics, blood donations or any one of a hundred other programs, if we as Knights did not organize or volunteer for these continuous opportunities to give of ourselves, how would we become better men?

We include our families in most of the activities we undertake, inviting our wives and children to join us as we celebrate family life, pray and take action together to better the world around us, in the first and most remarkable expression of the domestic Church. Through Squires and scouts, youth activities and scholarships, retreats and appreciation events, we honor and support our wives and children. We also provide for their financial security through our life insurance and other income support programs.

In a unique way, we bear the challenges of living out our faith in the workplace and in social and civic communities beyond our parishes. We encourage civic participation through voter registration efforts and publicly stand up for life and religious liberty as we claim our God-given freedoms without apology. Standing with the Church as a witness to eternal truths, we work to ensure our civic structures support the human rights and dignity of all, and do not undermine that which aligns with God’s revealed plans.

In these ways we commit to support and defend each other in a special community we call the Knights of Columbus. What Catholic man would not want to be a part of a group that prays and worships together, works and serves together, sustains each other and grows together, and while living together commits to support each other even in death – that final transition from the temporal to the eternal? Our faith teaches us that Jesus has conquered sin and death – and we believe in this truth – together.

Ask a Catholic man if he would like to live as a part of a group which will commit to these principles and actions on his behalf. What do you think his answer will be? Jesus Lives! Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey!

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