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By Chris Johnson, Training & Education Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Are you a new Financial Secretary? Have you had the opportunity to be trained in Supreme's Member Management program? The State of Texas has three of the top Financial Secretary Trainers in the Order. Pete Muceus, Robert Hernandez, and Craig Modrzynski are always available to conduct this training in your Diocese. Together, these brother Knights bring over 60 years of experience to the State Council. Grand Knights should schedule these free training sessions through their Diocesan Deputy. The training sessions are designed to enlighten any member that deals with finances. This training is not just for the Financial Secretaries. The primary focus group is the Financial Secretaries, however, DD’s, Grand Knights, Treasurers, and Trustees are urged to attend. And any brother knight is welcomed to participate.

If you have been an FS for a while, attend a session to brush up on your skills. You will be glad that you did. Your experience will also be helpful to the members and the trainers. What obstacles have you encountered working with the system online? What sort of work around have you had to employ working in the system? Do you have any questions concerning finances in your council? Maybe even learn some short cuts.

The trainers are working to conduct at least 1 session in every Diocese in the State. Please take advantage of this free opportunity.

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