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Silver Rose

By David and Susan Tull

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Sir Knights from St. Margaret Mary in Cedar Park's St. Rafael Guizar Valencia Assembly are John Hicks, Richard Skrok, Leo Saenz, Dale Ullrich, John Olenoski, Walter Yucikas and Ken Orze. They are shown congratulating the newly ordained Deacon Brian Hill, a fellow Knight who is the Lector of Council 7600.


Newly ordained Deacon Brian Hill gives a blessing to his fellow Knights from St. Margaret Mary in Cedar Park. The Sir Knights are members of the St. Rafael Guizar Valencia Assembly.


Sir Knights of the St. Margaret Mary, Cedar Park, St. Rafael Guizar Assembly are shown with The Silver Rose. The Silver Rose symbolizes the roses that San Juan Diego had in his tilma from Our Lady of Guadalupe. From left to right: Sir Knights Blake Krass (who brought The Silver Rose from St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Pflugerville),Mike C'Boins, Cody Carothers, Ross Pruneda, Travis Smith, Dale Ullrich, Tom Ciapi, John Hicks, Walter Yucikas, holding The Silver Rose, Richard Skrok, Leo Saenz, John Olenoski, Chuck Ramos and Tim Dwyer.


The Silver Rose

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