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By Ron Alonzo, Charities Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Brother Knights and friends of our Lord and Savior,

Charity is the number one principle of our Order. This is a call to action and Service.

If you can recall at the organization meeting we asked for our brother Knights to assist our state in expanding our Charitable Activities. We asked that you focus on items that will contribute toward expanding your charitable footprint in your communities & parishes – such as Increasing Annual Volunteer Hours, Increasing Annual Volunteer Contributions, Increasing Council Participation in Order-wide Charitable works, Promoting and Extending Invitations to Non-members to Participate in Charitable Activities.

It is that commitment to service that has our State of Texas, as a whole, in a very good position to achieve 100% of our Charity Goal. At this point in our fraternal year we have twelve Dioceses that are ahead dollar wise over last fraternal year. Across the State, we have several Districts that are greater than 90% which makes them close to achieving a 100% or better for their respective Districts.

We currently stand at 69.85% (684,035.08) of our Charity Goal of 977,344.00. The State is doing well but now is NOT the time to slack off in Charities.

In addition we have increased our performance in the following areas: Quick Start councils, donations to Diocesan Infirmed Priests programs with your purchase of license plates, Cardinal Medeiros Fellowship which increases more monies available for Educational Grants, Schools and individuals in the coming years, and volunteer hours in the TX Special Olympics.

Some of the other charities our brothers participate in and support throughout the State are: American Wheel Chair Program, Clergy and Religious Appreciation Banquets, Blood Drives, Blue Masses, Emergency Response Programs, and various Fundraising events.

Thank you for your dedicated Service and Time and let’s continue on the path to achieving our Goals.

“A servant, he said, knows how to open the doors of his time and inner space for those around him, including those who knock on those doors at odd hours, even if that entails setting aside something he likes to do or giving up some well-deserved rest”. Pope Francis

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