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Message From Doug Oldmixon, State Deputy

By Doug Oldmixon, State Deputy

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Thanks to all who made our convention in Dallas so successful and for those of you who missed it, plan to be with us in Houston next April 27-29. Delegates from councils all across Texas celebrated Masses with Cardinal DiNardo and Bishop Joe Vasquez presiding. Bishop Edward Burns of Dallas gave us a gracious welcome and Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore was our special guest and honoree. In support of the Texas Women’s Project, we raised over $10,000 to add to the Co-Sponsored Seminarian Fund at AMS for Catholic military chaplain scholarships. We donated $1,000 to recent tornado victims.

Each year we elect our leaders for the future and set our focus by adoption of resolutions on a variety of matters. We also elect eight delegates to attend the Supreme Convention as representatives of Texas. With all of this important work going on, we also get to socialize with Brother Knights and their families from every part of Texas at a half dozen hospitality suites. So make plans to attend future conventions.

We were inspired by words of wisdom and encouragement from past and current leaders and every Bishop in attendance. Delegates committed themselves to meet the goals needed to keep Texas in the Circle of Honor. The key need is to recruit 600 new Catholic families each month for May and June – at least two men for each active Council in Texas and at least 25% of the annual goal for each Diocese. This is a critical step in Building the Domestic Church – the Order’s commitment to renew our parishes by reconnecting our basic programs to meet the Pastor’s goals as expressed in the pastoral ministry plan.

So instead of recruiting in our typical fashion, let’s see if we can achieve new levels of results by returning to the basics – expressed as the “ABC”s. Stress to current and prospective members that our “service inspired by faith” is a response to the recognition that all gifts come from our heavenly Father. And so:

  • A = Adoration. We give thanks to the God who is the source of all gifts, the God who tells us not to fear and to call Him our Father. We adore him for the love and care He showers over us. We are men of prayer and men of action. How can we not succeed if this is our starting point?
  • B = Brotherhood. Because we recognize God as the Father of us all, and receiver of His many gifts, we are a great family of grateful humans. Even more so, as Knights we claim a Catholic brotherhood that binds us together in a deeper bond. AS family and as brothers, we commit to love and care for each other and reach out in love to those around us to meet true needs.
  • C = Charity. Our outreach to each other and those around us is the charity that evangelizes, that expands the family by demonstrating the kinship of humanity under a common Father. Based on faith, we see beyond all boundaries to provide care to others, serving our parishes and our communities. As a grateful receiver of gifts, we share them willingly with others.

Thus the circle closes and we experience the gratitude that prompts profound adoration of the gift giver.

If we express these simple principles in word and deed we can and will attract other good men to the Order; men we need to build up the domestic Church and to continue the vison of Father McGivney in Texas. The choice is within our grasp and we cannot give up. Jesus Lives! Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey!

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