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Utilizing Flocknote

By Chris Johnson, Education, Training and Communication Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Every year, we bring the District Deputies in Texas to two meetings (the Organizational meeting in July and the Mid-Year meeting in December) to introduce them to or update them on the current programs in the State. Our hope is for them to bring this information back to disseminate to the councils. Unfortunately, we cover them up with a lot of information (kind of like drinking from a fire hose). As a result, many of the less well known programs such as the K of C License Plate program (whose funds go to help infirm priest in Texas), get over looked due to the focus on membership, insurance, and charities. To help bring awareness up on these less communicated programs and develop a more direct line of communication to our councils, we have begun utilizing a program called Flocknote. This is NOT another email program. Flocknote is structured to get information to not only the Diocesan Deputies and District Deputies but all the way to the Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries. This unburdens the District Deputies and allows them time to address other issues within their districts. But more importantly, Flocknote gets the information immediately to the council leadership. Plus it gives us a tool to do other things such as send out reminders and offer short 2 – 3 minute training videos (in the near future).

Unfortunately, due to cost constraints, at this time we cannot offer it to all 106,000+ of our brother knights in Texas. As the program grows and everyone gets comfortable with it, we will continue to expand our participation. If you are a District Deputy, you will get more training at the Organization meeting in Houston in July. If you are a Grand Knight, or Financial Secretary and want to know more about Flocknote or how to log into Flocknote, feel free to contact Chris Johnson – Texas State Education and Training Director or Scott Doughtery – Texas State Council Social Media Chairman. Our contact information can be found in the Texas State Directory on the Texas State Council website – Texas Knights of Columbus

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