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Texas Wheelchair Fundraiser Best Ever!

By Sam Swalwinski, Wheelchair Chairman

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Hidden among the many successes enjoyed by Knights in Texas, a major charity not well publicized, is the wheelchair program. During the fraternal year just ended, Texas Knights raised $304,728. This is more than raised in any past fraternal year and exceeds the goal of $300K set for the 2017/2018 fraternal year.

Results by Diocese are as follows:

Amarillo--------$0. Gal/Hou-------------------$32,434.94

Austin------------13,805.78. Laredo------------------------1,350.00

Beaumont-------300.00 Lubbock----------------------1,650.00

Corpus Christi--150.00* San Angelo------------------1,050.00

Dallas-----------158,488.70 San Antonio----------------67,872.94

El Paso---------------550.00 Tyler--------------------------2,100.00

Ft. Worth--------21,050.68 Victoria-----------------------1,225.00

Grand Total--$304,728.04

*donated by outside source.

Since the wheelchair program was established in Texas ten years ago a total of $1,745,287 has been raised. At a cost of $150 each, a total of 11,635 wheelchairs made that many IMMOBILE people MOBILE. After ten years of leading this effort, Bill Weber from Prince of Peace Parish in Plano, has been selected as my successor. Bill is an excellent choice and will lead the wheelchair program in Texas to a much higher plateau.

I thank all Knights, Parishioners, Squires, Families Children and others who contributed to the success of this charity.

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