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Wheelchair Mission Goal Reached for 2017-2018

By Bill Weber

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

For the past 10 years, Sam Szalwinski did a wonderful job serving the state as the Texas Wheelchair Chairman.Before his final year, he set a goal of $300K to be raised for the American Wheelchair Mission.With his leadership and the hard work of the Texas Knights, that goal was exceeded.

The state total of $305,678 will provide 2,037 wheelchairs and it is the most ever raised in the state of Texas.Since it is estimated that each wheelchair delivered changes and improves an average of 10 lives, the lives of 20,370 people will be impacted with your gift of mobility.

The Dallas Diocese led the state by raising $158,638.This was mostly due to Prince of Peace Catholic Community in Plano that alone raised $103,482.The Archdiocese of San Antonio was next with $67,872 helped by St. Mark the Evangelist in San Antonio that raised $43,244.Both of these parishes held a Wheelchair Sunday Fundraiser.

It is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide need a wheelchair and cannot afford one. Wheelchairs allow children with physical disabilities to go to school for the first time, adults to go to work to provide for their families and the elderly to get out of a bed that they may have been confined to for years at a time.The wheelchairs deliver hope, dignity, freedom and independence.

The American Wheelchair Mission provides brand new wheelchairs for an average price of $150 each. They come in 5 sizes and would sell for over $500 in a medical supply store.The Knights of Columbus provide a grant each year to the American Wheelchair Mission to cover their overhead costs, so 100% of your donation goes towards the purchase and delivery of a wheelchair.

As the new Texas Wheelchair Chairman, I have set a Wheelchair Mission goal of $400K for this fraternal year.I believe this is a realistic goal, but we need your help in order to reach it.

The most effective way to raise funds for the Wheelchair Mission is holding Wheelchair Sunday Fundraisers. We need more councils to step up and help with this mission by holding a fundraiser at their parish.I would be glad to address any questions or concerns you might have and help you get started.Contact me at yankeesweb@tx.rr.com or 214-405-8023.

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