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El Campo Fourth Degree Assembly 1131 New Officers

By Hector Gutierrez

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Front row : Color Corps A.J. Priesmeyer, Faithful Navigator James Kocurek, Faithful Scribe Adam Gusman, Faithful Captain Ray Viktorin, Deputy Marshall Joe Martinez, Inner Sentinel Harry Isenberger, District Marshall Joe Soto, Faithful Friar Rev. Michael Rother, Trustee Leroy Dettling, Color Corps Commander Blair Couey, Color Corp Darrell Nohavitza, Back row: Color Corps Ben Rumbaugh, Faithful Comptroller Hector Gutierrez, Faithful Pilot Daniel Garza, Outer Sentinel Amado Reyes, Faithful Admiral Kenneth Trochta, Color Corps Joe Verver, and Trustee Gerry Mikeska.

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