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Santa Maria Council 6065

By Pete Maurer Council 6065

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Santa Maria Council 6065 in Plano will hold its 20th BINGO KNIGHTS event at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in Plano on Nov. 3rd to raise funds to support its Military and Veterans' charities. The Council began BINGO KNIGHTS in July-2012 and since that first one, has raised nearly $108,000 for various causes, including Pro Life, Vocations and Seminarian Support, and parish and community projects.

This event started under the leadership of John Patterson, who directed it for four years and was succeeded by Vincent Liberto. Several other members of Council 6065 have been on the committee since its inception, including Ron Schoof, Fred Kuglin, and Pete Maurer. Rich Holmer and Jerry Lenihan have since joined the committee, which is ably assisted by more than two dozen Brother Knights who "knock on business doors" to collect the prizes for the bingo baskets. They are affectionately known as "the Beggars of St. Mark's". The wives of the committee members are also deeply involved in BINGO KNIGHTS, making this truly a family/team effort.

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