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Texas State Charities

By Boyd Burris, State Charity Directory

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Boyd Burris

State Charities provide funds for the Bishop’s programs, funds for infirmed Priests through the Knights Of Columbus License Plate, Special Olympics, Cardinal Medeiros Trust Fund, Educational Grants,Catholic School Grants, Emergency Relief, and the Wheelchair Program.Seventy per cent of the funds that is sent to State Charities go directly to the Bishop.The remaining thirty per cent is allocated to the other programs.Anything over the Diocesan goal goes directly to the Bishop.

I hope that all of our Brother Knights in our State avoids an event where their home, Parish, or family experiences a loss due to a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, or anything.But, if it happens our Emergency Relief Team and Texas State Charities are ready to help. The monetary fund for assistance comes from the donations from the Councils through their Council participation to Texas State Charities.To insure that there are sufficient funds for assistance, every member, every Council needs to contribute to Texas State Charities.For those Councils who participate every year to State Charities, the State Charity Team thanks you for your dedication.For those Councils who don’t participate to a 100% level, we ask you to make 2018-2019 the year that you join the rest of the Councils and get to the maximum level of support.

David Keating (281-650-5503) heads up the fundraising team.Tony Scarpa (832-457-5150) is the fundraising committeeman for Galveston/Houston and Laredo.Joe Hernandez (830-832-6050) will have San Antonio, Brownsville, and Victoria.Bill Kennedy (903-694-5105) will be calling on Fort Worth, Dallas, Tyler, and Beaumont.Gregory Thompson (has San Angelo, Corpus Christi, and Austin.And, PSD Leo Hanus (214-732-2901) will be calling on Amarillo, Lubbock, and El Paso. Be sure to use the Charity pins.The $20 donation for a pin goes directly toward your Council charity goal.Just be sure to send in the pin donation slip to the State office so your Council can be credited for the donation.The donation form can be found on the Texas web-site, tkofc.org, if you can’t find the donation slip, just the name and Council number on a piece of paper will do. Send the donation form and pin money to the State office.

As of month ending September 234 Councils have achieved their Charity Goal and 5 Districts have reached 100% or better.Congratulations to DD 68 Dennis Doherty Councils 3217, 5236, 9310, 10393: and DD93 Daniel Armbruster Councils 9557, 10872, 11472, 14512 : and Councils 3700, 15321, 15322, 16218 from District 72 of Galveston/Houston Diocese for reaching their goal,DD 158 Kevin Russell and Councils 8156, 9151, 10209, 11695 of the Austin Diocese, and DD227 Jim Peplinski and Councils 3867, 8574, 13824 from the San Angelo Diocese for their accomplishments.I would like to especially recognize Council 3217 of Dickinson.They made their goal early even though their community was devastated by hurricane Harvey last year.And, I commend first year DD’s Dennis Doherty and DD 158 Dennis Russell for their achievements. We are behind last year’s contributions, so we have to ask that Councils “step it up” and get on board.

Joe Govea (817-703-8408) can assist you on KC License Plates and the Cardinal Medeiros Trust Fund.The license plate will cost an extra $30 to your existing fee.However, $22.00 goes to infirmed Priests so the cost to you is an extra $8.00 because the $22.00 is tax deductible.The Cardinal Medeiros Trust helps fund the Educational and Catholic School grants.You can honor your Priest or a member of your Council with a $1,000.00 contribution.

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