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Why aren’t you a KofC policy owner?

By Chris Stark, FICF, GA, Insurance Liason

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Stark Sml

In a reflection of all the great accomplishments we as Knights of Columbus members do year over year!I think about Father McGivney and his mission to provide and protect Catholic families like yours and mine.Most are unaware that it wasn’t until the passing of our founder that there became a new class of member, an associate member (a member that has not purchased any product from the KofC). Before McGivney’s death every member was an insured member.As Catholics today, due to the foresight of Father McGivney EVERY one of us has the opportunity to be a policy owner in our $24 BILLION dollar business of the Knights of Columbus, collecting over $2 billion in annual business revenue.By being a life insurance policy owner, you are entitle to the Knights of Columbus dividend when it is paid as it has for many years.Companies only share their profits with policy owners, and our life insurance policy owners have been collecting dividends (share of the Orders profits) for many consecutive years. It is always important to remember that dividends are never guaranteed, they can go up, they can go down, and they can be non-existent.

As a Catholic why would you give your business to any other company?If you had a company that you had a stake in, would you shop at the competition?No other company can offer you a competitive product, from the highly rated company, and providing for the Catholic Church at the level in which your Knights of Columbus does.We have over 1.4 million members (in insurance jurisdictions) currently responsible for over $2 BILLION in annual insurance/investment revenue.That is with about a 1/3 of our members participating in our insurance program, about 500,000.Just imagine if EVERYONE or even 2/3 participated, we could collect over $4 BILLION in annual revenue!Wouldn’t you want to be a life insurance policy owner in a company with that kind of potential, especially a Catholic company?

Call your agent today and schedule a time to meet to see how the Knights of Columbus can help you.I promise you many of the approx. 900,000 members that are not policy owners with the Knights of Columbus need something we have to offer.Out of the 1000+ members I have met with, only 2-3 families had nothing we could help them with.

Now I want to think about the potential in a different light.There are approximately 70+ million Catholics in America, 4.5 million of them are in Texas.Say a third are men that are 18 and up Catholic men.That would equal, 23 million and 1.5 million in Texas of potential members.We only have about 109,000 members in Texas, we could double our Order by each simply asking 10 men to join for only one to say yes, just 10%.This is not an impossible task, I would not even call it a hard task.How hard would it be to ask just one guy every month?Our future as an organization is extremely bright.We must always be recruiting and asking men to join. We could grow even faster through asking men to join online, www.Knights.net. I especially call on our policy owners to ask more men to join, the more men that join and become new policy owners as well, will increase revenue, and in turn help to increase the amount we can give back to you in the form of our dividends.A large percentage of men become owners as soon as they join.

Invite men to join and experience the Catholic difference that only the Knights of Columbus can offer a Catholic family.Invite them to participate in a company that investing standards that meet the guidelines our Bishops set for us.Invite them to work with a Fortune 1000 company.Invite them to protect their family with a company that has over $111 Billion in life insurance in force.Invite them to an organization that will guarantee their retirement. By becoming a policy owner you are not only protecting your family but changing the world through the extreme amount of charity we can provide from the ever increasing insurance revenue.

Brothers, we don’t know what we don’t know.If you have not seen your agent in over a year, call him and schedule an appointment, ask him to do a needs analysis.This will only help you to know your risk, and I promise you that we have never sold anyone a product they will not benefit from.If you don’t know who to contact email me, Chris.Stark@kofc.org, tell me where you’re located and I will get you in touch with your personal agent.

Father McGivney pray for us!

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