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Bishop Byrne Council 3077 2017-2018 Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

By Paul Gloria

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Galveston-Houston Chapter President, SK John Hinojosa, with principal Mrs. Irazema Ortiz of Our Lady of Guadalupe school presented participation and 1st place certificates to students for the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster contest.

1st Place winners were also awarded $25 prize.

Ages 5-7

Evelyn Gonzalez ****** 1st Place ******

Aamani Bhakta

Isabella Duron

Phoenix Esparza

Jose Angel Espinoza

Jade Amani Gongora

Melanie Marez

Shepard Vazquez

Christian Zamora

Madalyn Zamora - 2nd year competing in this age group

Ages 8-10

Kristin Isabella Agundiz ****** 1st Place ******

Isabella Castellano

Nickie Duron

Chrishanna Ortiz

Jazlyn Alina Olivares

Isabella Montalvo

Calvin Nguyen - 2nd year competing; 1st year in this age group

Ages 11-14

Alexis Vazquez ****** 1st Place ******

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