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By Jack Gunn, State Membership Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


My Brother Knights.I write you this beautiful Sunday afternoon in awe of your ability to surpass expectations.My Brothers, YOU, turned in the best January recruiting month ever (well in the twenty plus years we have been tracking) and it was the best month this fraternal year!On top of everything else you have accomplished this year, this leaves me confident that accomplishing Fr. McGivney’s dream in Texas is in great hands – YOURS!As we gaze to Houston for the 114th Annual Texas State Council Convention and the end of our WSD Doug’s tenure as State Deputy – we are very well positioned to charge into the Circle of Honor and meet our state recruiting goal.

Let me say it’s not just about numbers – It’s about ensuring our Councils have the manpower and youth necessary to ensure their survival in the next fifteen or twenty years.Recruiting brings members with new ideas and passion, as well as helping to ensure there are brother Knights in our Councils who can learn our traditions and carry our legacy projects into the future!

So I ask everyone reading this to commit to reaching your goals for the remainder of the fraternal year.If we each do our part and deliver our share of the Texas objective for our Brothers, we will finish the year with magnificent results.As members – what can each of us do?I’m asking you to invite your practical catholic gentlemen friends or people you see at church to become a member.Council leaders and DD’s – please actively discuss recruiting with your membership.What more could you do with more Knights?What is your plan to achieve your membership goal this year?Develop your talking points for inviting new members to join – what’s in it for them?Get your blitzes coordinated with your Pastors and church staffs.Diocesan leaders – encourage your GK’s and DD’s to help accomplish the Venerable Fr. Michael McGivney’s vision – a Knights of Columbus presence in every catholic community in Texas and the extension of an invitation to every practical Catholic gentleman to become a Knight of Columbus.

I look forward to watching Texas show what we are made of.I also remind us that we are aiming to welcome our Supreme Director and PSD Javier back to us when he is recovered with a Texas State Council that is ahead of plan (YTD) when he gets here.I’m sure each of us wants to do our best to for Javier and his family.I look forward to visiting with many of you at this year’s convention in Houston.If I or the membership team can help you in any way, please feel free to reach out to us.

Vivat Jesus!Viva Cristo Rey!


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