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Council 8771 & Assembly 3310

By Hugo A. PeÑa

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Council 8771 and Assembly 3310 both of Christ the Redeemer parish in Houston/Cypress has been donating 10 - $2,000 student scholarships ( $20,000 )for the past four years to ten graduating seniors of Christ the Redeemer parish. 1) Each candidate fills out a questionnaire, writes a 1 – 2 page on why they should be considered for this scholarship; 2) they need to submit letters of recommendation(s) from their teacher(s) on why the student should be considered. Once they submit their “package” to our Council we take the 30 – 40 applications that we have been receiving each year to be judged by our neighboring Council from the Prince of Peace parish. This process makes the judging very objective because no one from their parish knows our graduating seniors like we do and or their parents. This way, the parents & students cannot say that our Council was not objective in judging each application.

These students are recognized by our pastor, Rev. Sean Horrigan, in our Sunday bulletin and the students receive their $2,000.00 scholarship at our Officers Installation Dinner the last Saturday of June.

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