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Is Your Council a Star Council Candidate?

By Pat Henz, Star Council Awards Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Pat Henz

Where does your council stand for achieving Star Council?Has your council submitted the 365, the 1728, paid Supreme Per Capita, met Membership and Insurance quotas?And, just as important, are you ready to submit the SP-7 Columbian Award form – and is it the correct form?Don’t forget about the NEW REQUIRMENT for Star Council – the Safe Environment Training.So, is your council a Star Council Candidate?

You have just over 60 days to obtain the requirements for Star Council. Reaching your council’s membership and insurance goals sometimes is the hardest part of this challenge.Some councils are just shy of a new member or insurance.Some have already achieved 100% in one or both of those categories.But what about the 365, 1728, and SP-7?Have those been submitted and acknowledged by Supreme?How do you find this out? It all can be found in the Star Tracker Report.

It is important that your council is aware of the new Columbian Award Form SP-7.This form now requires that at least 4 activities come from the “Building the Domestic Church” programs.A list of all these can be found on the Supreme web page.There are Building the Domestic Church programs for all categories; although, you do not need to do one in each category.The council can start submitting the SP7 Columbian Award Form right after the convention.

Obtaining Star Council is just the beginning when we talk about higher, more prestigious awards presented by the Texas State Council.These awards are the Lone Star Award for Excellence and Lone Star Award for Excellence with Distinction.If your council is on track for Star Council, then it is on track for these awards too.Again, the Star Tracker Report will be tracking these additional requirements.

Three additional requirements that you need to be aware of for the Lone Star Awards is providing proof that your council submitted their IRS Form 990 to the IRS, Submit the Special Olympics Partnership Profile Form #4584, and submit at least one entry for the State Service Program Award or submitting a “Education Grant” or “Family of the Year” from the council.

There are some great incentives for obtaining Star Council Status.Not only will your council be one of the top councils in the Order, but you will be a great example of a well-rounded active council. Oh, and there’s money involved too.Supreme is, once again, offering a $4.50 credit for each billable member on its roster.And, I will be announcing a new incentive from the State encouraging councils to obtain Star Council status.

Again, you have just over 60 days to qualify for Star Council and Lone Star Award.The Star Tracker Report will be updated each month and will be posted on the Texas State web page for your assistance to track your progress.If you ever have any questions about the report, please do not hesitate to contact the Star Council team. Become a Star Council Award winner and be an example for all council in the Order.

See you in Houston

Pat Henz and the Star Council Award Team

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