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It's a Good Time

By Ed Tydings, Programs Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Ed Tydings

As the days are growing longer and Spring is around the corner, it’s a good time to take stock of programming in your council and across the state.One important item to complete is the Safe Environment training and background checks through Praesidium. Beginning this year, it is a Star Council requirement for the Grand Knight, Youth Director, and (if applicable) the Squires Chief Councilor to complete this training.We continue to receive numerous questions about Diocesan training and background checks, and does that fulfill the requirement.The answer is no, Diocesan does not count for the Knights.There are a variety of reasons.One of the biggest reasons is that the background checks may not be shared between groups.Even if your Diocese uses the same company, the background checks cannot be shared.Thank you for helping the Knights keep our precious gifts from God safe.

The Domestic Church programs are another important undertaking.The programs outlined in this initiative are a great way to attract younger families into the order.They are designed to promote active service and spirituality.One very easy program to conduct is a Food for Families drive, conducted as a 40 Cans for Lent drive.

As the fraternal year comes to a close, you will be hearing a lot about recruiting.Recruiting is much easier when you are visible in your parish, actively engaging in charitable activities.Hosting an appreciation breakfast for altar servers, helping with the Easter vigil celebrations and the initiation of new Catholics, and conducting a Father’s Day reaffirmation of wedding vows are all ways to increase visibility to a wide audience.

During your Lentin fish fries, create poster boards of the accomplishments of your council.Make sure you highlight your local council’s activities.Supreme does incredible things worldwide, but you want to attract men and their families to local service first.Sending money to aid in the Middle East Christian refugee crisis cannot happen without the local charitable work.When speaking to potential new members, be sure to adapt your 30 second “elevator speech” to your audience.

Finally, remember that all programs need Knights, but all Knights need programs.Keep your programs fun and engaging, and you will be sure to attract new members into your council.

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