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The First First!

By Mike Urrutia

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


This is Council 9902 1st degree ceremony in the a history of council.

St Mary Magdalen Council 9902 chartered 9/01/1988 .

Total membership 158 as of 10 Dec 2017.

Gk Richard Martinez

On Dec 8 2017 Council 9902 conduct a 1st degree ceremony where 8 new members received the honor of 1st degree.

Team members roles: GK Cliff Jasek, DGK Geirge DelaGarza, Warden Jose Castillo, Inside Guard Alfredo Vermis,

Chancellor Carlos Guzman, Set up David Heisel, F/S Mike Urrutia.

All team members are members Council 9902.

We look forward to conduct 1st degree ceremony once a month.

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