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2018 Family of the Year

By Ed Tydings, State Program Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


The 2018 Texas Family of the Year is a shining example of charity in action. Tony and Aimee Clements and their five children Dominic, Nicolas, Veronica, John Paul, and Bernadette live in Dickinson, near Houston.

Tony joined the Order in 2015 and is active in numerous projects and programs. Their family leads the council’s living rosary, and Tony and Aimee serve as the Domestic Church couple.

The entire family regularly volunteers to serve in whatever role is needed. The two oldest boys are altar servers under the direction of their grandfather, and served a Mass with His Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo immediately after the devastating floods from Hurricane Harvey.

It was in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that Clements’ generosity truly shined.Over 90% of the homes in Dickinson suffered substantial damage.Their parish church was flooded and the KC Hall became a temporary sanctuary. The Clements came to the Hall every day to help with whatever needed to be done.They went into the flooded neighborhoods to help clean out many parishioners’ homes.They helped organize and transition the KC Hall every day from serving hundreds of meals, to organizing World Series watch parties, and setting up for Mass.

As relief supplies poured in from across the country, the family wasted no time ensuring that the supplies went to good use.The whole family, even 6 year old Bernadette, rode around in Daddy’s truck delivering water and food, and listening to the stories of those they were serving. Their extraordinary efforts in the community were even recognized by Houston area TV news.

The Clements family was recognized during the State Dinner at the Convention in Houston.

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