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7th Annual North Texas Men’s Conference

By Chris Stark, FICF, General Agent

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Over 650 Catholic men gathered for the 7th Annual North Texas Men’s Conference. Our Worthy State Deputy, Doug Oldmixon gave a great talk on why a man should be a Knight. One of the main reasons he gave was prayer. The Fort Worth Agency of the Knights of Columbus was the main sponsor on the event and helped many men join through the new E-Membership. The men of the conference got the benefit of hearing from Scott O’Sullivan, great apologetic talk. We heard music from the up and coming Vigil Project.Deacon Matt Lamoreax talked on his path to becoming a Deacon and listening when God is speaking to him. The best line of the day, “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, TODAY is the best day”! Highly recommend those in North Texas to attend next year’s event as we are sure to grow from this year’s numbers.Visit www.NTXCMC.org for more info.

Photo was taken by North Texas Brothers in Christ

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