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Corpus Christi Council 11107 Free Throw

By Rudy Ortiz, GK Council 11107

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest was held at the Corpus Christi, Cathedral Church for the Religious Education students and our community. But what makes this special is that we have Fr. Hanh, he is so inspirational and very supportive of the Knights of Columbus, Council 11107 and challenged our children to come out and join us in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest. Interesting enough we submitted a picture of Fr. Hanh with the challenge to our weekly bulletin and had a great turn out with parents and families cheering their children. We had hot dogs, chips, snacks and drinks for all who attended. Thank to Fr. Hanh and our Brother Knights for making this event possible. Fr. Hanh, Scott Mc Coy, Lou Villagomez, Jesus Gonzalez, Richard Thorpe, Rudy Ortiz III, Johnny Gamez, Jeff Tomlin, Tim Tomjack, Bobby Villarreal, Donald Harris and Christopher Hernandez.

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