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It is all about the numbers!

By Chris Stark, FICF, General Agent

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


I think Father McGivney would be proud to see Texas leading the way for his great organization.Whether you talk about membership, charity or insurance, Texas is on top!I will tell you Brothers that states like Florida and California are climbing the ranks.I urge each and every one of you to accept a meeting with your field agent, if you don’t have an agent, help your General Agent find a guy.

Almost 5 years ago I joined the Church and joined the Knights of Columbus.Those two decision changed my life forever.I would hope you would recommend our career opportunity to a fellow Catholic man with pride.This career is the very best career for the right man, as there is not another career like it.You can visit www.KofC.org/Careers to inquire more on this opportunity.

Brothers, as far as doing business with the Knights of Columbus, in my opinion there is no other choice.There is not another company that has the Catholic difference that the Knights offer, combined with competitive products, with a company that is highly rated and over $24 billion in assets.Assets that are invested with your morals and faith in mind first.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Father McGivney was the 1st insured member and that there were not associate members until after he passed.Join the ranks of insured membership, like Father McGivney today! Email me and I will get you in touch with your agent, chris.stark@kofc.org.

A statement I hear very often is “That it is all about the numbers!”Brothers it is all about the numbers.It is about the numbers because Father McGivney dreamed to provide for ALL Catholic families financially at the loss of a bread winner.Every Catholic that doesn’t know what is available to his family through the Knights of Columbus, means premium dollars that are going to other companies, companies that are not investing with your Catholic faith in mind, supporting causes you would never choose to support with your money.It is all about the numbers, because surely 4 million members can do more than 1.9 million members in our charity numbers.What would this world look like if we had 4 million Knights in this world? I know I would like to see that world.

The Order is growing year after year, but we are not growing fast enough.We must start evolving in new and creative ways to attract men to the Order.People spend most of their time on their cell phones.This is why E-Membership was developed, to be used as a tool to reach people where they are.I am proud to see many councils around the state utilizing this as the new 1st step to becoming a Knight.Once he joins the online, he will get a welcome kit, email from State Deputy and his General Agent and he will be contacted by his local agent to work towards getting him in a local council.I encourage each and every one of you to text a fellow Catholic right now this line:

You can join the Knights of Columbus online now, go to www.KofC.org/JoinUs and join today!

No text it to ten more and share it on your social media!If we could have 1000 members do this right now, we would be 10,000 invitations! How many new members would we get?

God Bless,

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