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June Recruiting Special Incentives

By Jack Gunn, Membership Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Jack Gunn

I find myself thinking about the Legacy and Tradition of the Knights in general, and in particular here in the great state of Texas as we wind up this fraternal year and the administration of Worthy State Deputy Doug Oldmixon.It’s easy in a year characterized by the magnitude of the destruction and good work in South Texas along the coast after Hurricane Harvey, to forget about or diminish the innumerable acts of charity and generosity performed by our brothers throughout the rest of Texas.So thank you for all you do and for all you have done.

We stand on the shoulders of our Brother Knights who have preceded us and those who follow will stand on our shoulders to continue our legacy.Our responsibility is to ask practical catholic gentlemen to join us and follow in our footsteps to ensure the Knights have the manpower to continue to flourish as time goes on.I ask everyone reading this to invite a practical Catholic gentleman to join us during May and June, and work with your council to get him admitted and to an Admission Degree this fraternal year.

Don’t forget, there are significant recruiting incentives available.Would love to see you on the Dove Hunt on Labor Day 2018.It’s been a pleasure to serve as your Membership Director these last two years.I also thank my team for their help and service to the state of Texas, as well as Mike, Kari and Kathleen in the office.Lori and I extend to each of you our thoughts, prayers and well wishes as we move into the Summer!

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