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Lifetime Achievement Award!

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Darwin Brokmeyer of Buchanan Dam, Texas for 60 years as a Knights of Columbus member.

He joined the Knights as a 3rd degree member in Fayetteville, Texas in October 1957.

Upon his retirement there was no Council in his home parish in Kingsland, Texas so with the help of his District Deputy they formed Council 13245. There he served 3 terms as Grand Knight.

After joining the 4th degree he found it too far to go into Austin for meetings so he formed Assembly 2976 in Horseshoe Bay.

There he served as Faithful Navigator for 2 terms. Then he went on to serve as District Deputy in the Texas Hill County in Austin for 4 years

This was a lifetime achievement so now he can sit in the back row at meetings. He is proud to have served, and thank his Savior Jesus Christ.

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