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Prince of Peace Wheelchair Drive

By Bill Weber

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Shaun P. O'Brien-Prince of Peace Council 11716 in Plano, Texas held its 8th Annual Wheelchair Drive at its parish to benefit the American Wheelchair Mission. The drive raised an incredible $100,012, which will provide 280 standard wheelchairs and 115 more expensive specialize wheelchairs for the Teleton Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Yucatan, Mexico.This well exceeds the over $90K in donations received last year.Over the past eight years, the extremely generous parishioners of Prince of Peace Catholic Community have donated $429,078 to provide2,253 wheelchairs for families in need. We are grateful for our Pastor, Father Tom Cloherty, for all his support of the mission and for joining us on our distribution trips.

It is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide need a wheelchair and cannot afford one.Wheelchairs allow children to go to school for the first time, adults to go to work to provide for their families and the elderly to get out of a bed that they may have been confined to for years at a time.The wheelchairs deliver hope, dignity, freedom and independence.It is estimated that each wheelchair delivered changes and improves an average of 10 lives, so it is answering the prayers and changing the world for an entire family.

The American Wheelchair Mission provides brand new wheelchairs for an average of $150 each.The Knights of Columbus provide a grant each year to the American Wheelchair Mission to cover their overhead costs, so 100% of each donation goes towards the purchase and delivery of wheelchairs.

We hope other councils will consider holding a Wheelchair Drive at their parish.This is the most effective way to raise funds for this mission.We could really use your help, since there is such a great need.Please contact Bill Weber at yankeesweb@tx.rr.com or 214-405-8023 for assistance in getting started.

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