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Shield a Badge

By Pat Henz, Star Council Awards Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


The National Police Week in Washington DC started with a candlelight vigil with over 30,000 officers from across the country.Then on Tuesday, May 15, the Memorial was held on the capital grounds.The keynote speaker was President Trump who recognized those officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in protecting their community.Following the president’s speech, the names of each officer who were killed last year were read, state-by-state, and the family placed a flower in a large wreath.It was an honor and privilege to stand with my fellow officers from Houston, Arlington, San Marcus, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, DART – Dallas, and other departments, all saluting for each of the 14 officers killed in Texas last year.The support from fellow officers and the community certainly reenergizes us.Praying for the officers from your community and showing your support will do the same.Consider starting a Shield a Badge program at your council.For more information, please contact Pat Henz at pghenz@yahoo.com

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