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Star Council Awards Report

By Pat Henz, Star Council Awards Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Pat Henz

The Star Council Team has put together some great incentives to help motivate your council in achieving the Star Council status.

1) There will be two drawings for ALL councils that make Star Council.

2) If your council hasn’t made Star Council in the last four or more years and your council makes Star Council this year, there will be two drawings for all those Star Councils.

3) And finally, if your council received the Texas Spirit Award last year and makes Star Council this year, there will be two drawings for all those councils.

Three separate categories, two drawing from each category, $500 give card given to the council for each drawing.Don’t forget about Supremes incentive - $4.50 rebate for every billable member.

There are over 150 councils that have the potential for making Star Council this year.Most of those councils have yet to submit the Columbian Award SP7 report.Remember, this report should include at least four activities from the Building the Domestic Church programs.Now is the time to get this report in.If there are any errors or just forgot to list a program, we have time to correct it and resubmit it.PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL JUNE 28 or 30 to submit it.

And remember the Safe Environment requirement.All Grand Knights, any Youth / Squire leaders are required to take the training.If you have taken the training, please keep a copy of your certificates in case the report shows that you have not taken the training.

I will be sending out the Star Tracker and the Safe Environment reports several more times before the end of the fraternal year.If there are any missing reports, please get them submitted.If there are any discrepancies, please bring those to my attention so I can research the issue.If you have any questions about the report, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Star Council Awards Team.

Finish Strong – be a STAR COUNCIL!

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