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State Deputy Message

By Doug Oldmixon, State Deputy

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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Brothers All -

In Aug & Sep 2017 Hurricane Harvey wrought major devastation all along the Texas Gulf coast from Corpus Christi to Beaumont. Our attention rightfully turned to rescue, relief, recovery and rebuilding of our affected communities. And we did so in the most outstanding manner. There remains more work to be done.

And so we shall remain engaged until the work is complete. We need more good men to assist us in doing so. Men forge bonds by working together in meaningful endeavors. Ask and more will join us in our great works. This is a guarantee of our continued success. Always.

We gathered in Houston last month to celebrate our many accomplishments, recognize our most outstanding contributors, share very special moments with our Cardinal and Bishops, hear guidance from our Deputy Supreme Knight and elect our future leaders. What an amazing time we had at Convention.Jo-Dee and I could not have been more impressed with the work so many did to enable and inspire us all.Read the many stories in this issue of the Texas Knight to see what you may have missed.It is very impressive, and we are so grateful.

While we look both back and ahead, the last thing we always do at Convention is to recommit ourselves to achieve the goals we set for Texas for this fraternal year.And so we did promise to do all in our power to ensure Texas remains the strongest and most active of all the states.

To help focus our efforts, we launched a special incentive trip for recruiters.Recruit a man and earn a chance for you and your wife to join Jo-Dee and me in the Hill Country for Labor Day. Relax with a winery tour, fine dining and shopping in historic Fredericksburg. Stay overnight in a creekside hotel. Try to shoot your limit of doves the next day and enjoy a steak dinner with friends. So - who's in?You have ten chances to win based on the number of recruits you propose. We hope to be able to share this very special trip with you.

As of Memorial Day, Texas needs 95 more new Knights in May and 565 more recruits in June to earn over $3,500 in Supreme cash incentives, meet all our intake goals and take our well-deserved and traditional place in the Order's Circle of Honor. Texas can do this! No one can stop us if we just try. Schedule a parish drive and hold an Admission Degree! Let’s do this!

Vivat Jesus! Viva Cristo Rey!

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