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By Sam Szalwinski, Chairman

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

The Wheelchair Ministry has grown from raising $3,300 when it began during the 2008/09 Fraternal Year to a total growth of $1,440,059 at the end of the 2016/17 Fraternal Year. This amount has purchased 9,600 wheelchairs. The best year experienced was during the 2014/15 year when $293,000 was raised.

We are in the 10th year of conducting this ministry and to mark this anniversary we have set a goal blessed by our Worthy State Deputy to raise $300,000. This amount will purchase 2000 wheelchairs and will make that number of IMMOBILE people MOBILE.

At this time $98,174 has been raised for the current Fraternal Year. The top three Dioceses are, Dallas-$40,192; Gal/Hou-$22,204; and San Antonio-$18,945. Only 38 Councils have made donations, however, there have been many individual donors. Traditionally, most Councils make donations after the first of the year.

Thank you to all Knights of Columbus members and others who have contributed to the success of this ministry. You are performing a Corporal Work of Mercy when your action makes an IMMOBILE person MOBILE.

Remember that Sunday Weekend Fund Raisers are the easiest way to raise funds for wheelchairs. AND VERY IMPORTANTLY IT GIVES PARISHIONERS WHO ARE NOT MEMBER KNIGHTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE IMMOBILE PEOPLE MOBILE.


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