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Warrior Family Support Center

By Mike Schneider

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

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Knight of Columbus 4th Degree present a check to Warrior Family Support Center for $10,329.00. The proceeds were from Mardi Gras Casino Night that occurred this February.

Pictured are Dennis Parma, Mike Schneider, JoAnna Martinez- Vasquez, Program Director, Kevin Sharkey, Army Support Activity Deputy, Ralph Kennedy and Rich Rotolo.

The Knights of Columbus 4th Degree visited the Warrior Family Support Center on April 3, 2019 to present a check to Warrior Family Support Center at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio. This Army’s’ support center is the only one in Army and is dedicated to all military personal who suffer from military injuries and their families in their recover period. The center is on 10 acres and is supported by donations. The Army pays for total of three salaries at the center. food preparation, lawn and garden care and other activities are done through volunteers. Activities vary for family members and military personal recovering from their injuries. The Center is dedicated to bringing back a normal life situation. The center activities vary from lunch and breakfast for military families in the recovery period to all sorts of activities such as computer training, movie presentation, volley ball, golf lessons, art lessons. They reach out to family members who are at the hospital visiting a family member or recovering in barracks. They arrange for visitors lodging in many cases in a complimentary lodging facility on the base. In the years pass they have reached out to as high a total of 800 injured soldiers and related family members currently they support 180 soldiers and family members during the year.

This was the 9Th year that the Knights of Columbus have reached out to the Center in support of family and military soldiers who are going through their recovery period. It is through the Wimberley Valley Citizens who attend the events that this years Mardi Gras Casino Night that the Knights were able to donate $10,329.00 to Warrior Family Support Center, as well as, $900.00 to St. Vincent De Paul Society.

Mardi Gras Casino Night was hosted at St. Mary Catholic Church at the Center this year for first time and occurred in February so mark you calendar for next year and support a good cause.

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