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July Fast Start

By Bill Eliott, State Member Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Bill Elliott

My Brothers All:

Well is it hot enough for you ? Did you save some tax dollars this weekend? Did you watch some pre-Season football? All this means is summer is coming to an end. This also means that maybe some new families have relocated into your community. So be looking for new men in Mass and ask them to join the Knights.

I thank all for the great month we had in July for a Texas style fast start. We brought in 280 new Knights against our monthly goal of 288. We had 55 new E-Knights join online in July. A great month and a great start. As of Friday we are 0.8% behind Michigan to be #1 in Division 1.

Now that all our Officers and delegates are back from the Supreme Convention we get the July Fast Start Raffle wrapped up. Here are the numbers or percentages for the raffle.

Pot #1 will have 175 names in the drawing
Pot#2 will have 5 names in the drawing
Pot #3 will have 15 Councils in it
Pot#4 will have 12 Districts in it
Pot#5 will have 2 Diocese in it
Pot # 6 will have 15 names in it
Pot #7 will have 16 Brothers who recruited in both June and July..

The Top Texas recruiter was Brother Ruben J. Gomez of the Monahans Council 10256 who recruited 11 new Knights. He wins $500
2nd place top Texas recruiter was Brother Erminio N. Lalli of the Dallas Council 11937 who recruited 7 new Knights. He wins $400
3rd place top Texas recruiter is Brother Chad Louis Wiesman of the Midland Council 12657 who recruited 6 new Brother Knights. He wins $300.

I thank all Texas recruiters last month, and remind all we have started out better than last year. We could not overcome last years poor start.

Let us all keep the momentum going in August.

Thanks and stay out of the heat. From the Membership Team

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