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KC Widow Needs Help

By Roger Strong PGK 4497

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

El Paso Council 4497 lost Brother Ron Sefulsky back in January. Even before his death, Ron could no longer maintain the many rose bushes, beautiful flowers, an apple tree and a vegetable garden. When Ron’s widow Palma needed help with clean up and pruning, council members were quick to react. A team consisting of GK Alfredo Chavez, PGKs Carlos Samaniego, Richard Garcia & Roger Strong, FS Kenneth Parris, Trustee Alec Espendez, and Lecturer Jose (Angel) Rubio all responded on June 15th. The day was hot but the guys were undaunted and got the area squared away. Palma was very happy with the results, forever grateful and knows she only needs to ask and help will appear.

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