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Sonogram Machine for Next Step Women’s Center

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Council 2813 has been close to Next Step Women’s Center for some time. A couple of years ago several Council members heard Abby Johnson, of “Unplanned” fame, at the Next Step Gala at the Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. She was a wonderful speaker and a champion for Life.

Recently, the Council learned that Next Step was in dire need of a new Sonogram Machine. Their old one was in very bad shape. PGK Tom Kemp, one of our council Trustees, suggested that we donate a machine to Next Step. He made the motion and it was passed by the council unanimously.

The machine was purchased by Next Step, and was delivered in April. On May 9th some of the Council officers visited Next Step to see the machine. According to Jane Burton, the machine had already saved lives by showing expectant mothers their babies.

Next Step does many things to help mothers, both before and for several years after they give birth. They provide links to social services, classes on how to care for babies and toddlers, and most importantly loving support and friendship. They want all mothers to be great mothers.

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