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Wheelchair Mission Update

By Bill Weber, Wheelchair Chairman

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Brad Meyer And Daughter Morgan

Below are the Wheelchair Mission activities since the last Texas Knight edition in May.Please let me know what your Councils and Dioceses are doing to support the American Wheelchair Mission, so I can include your story in future reports.

In June, Good Shepherd Council 6402 in Garland held their first ever Wheelchair Drive and raised $29,228.Thanks to Brother Nick Flores for coordinating the drive and helping at all the masses both weekends of the drive. Thanks also to the over 25 Council 6402 Knights that helped cover the masses during their drive.The funds they raised will be counted towards this fraternal year, since they were not received before the deadline.

St. Joseph Council 8417 in Waxahachie also held their first ever Wheelchair Drive and they raised $7,166. Thanks to Field Agent James Speelman for all his efforts preparing for and helping with the drive.Their funds will be used towards purchasing a large container of wheelchairs for the CRIT Center in Guerrero, Mexico.

St. Mark the Evangelist Council 7613 in San Antonio held their annual Wheelchair Drive with great success again as they raised $38,931.

In July, St. Mark the Evangelist Council 6065 in Plano and Our Lady of Angels Council 13044 in Allen provided a large container of 280 wheelchairs for the Tamaulipas, Mexico CRIT Center.Making the trip to help distribute some of those wheelchairs at the CRIT Center and to five homes were Brad Meyer and his daughter Morgan, Past State Deputy Terry Simonton and his wife Estelle and State Warden Pat Henz.

We exceeded the state goal of $400K for 2018-2019 by raising $438,241 which will provide 2,921 wheelchairs.This is a significant increase from the $305,678 and 2037 wheelchairs provided in 2017-2018.Thanks so much and God bless to all the Councils that participated in this program, especially those Councils that held a Wheelchair Sunday or some other fundraiser for the Wheelchair Mission. Please see the report below that shows Texas By Diocese and the Top 5 Councils in State of Texas.

The Wheelchair Mission goal for 2019-2020 is to raise $500K to provide 3,333 wheelchairs.In order to reach that goal, we need your Councils to step up and help with this mission by holding a Wheelchair Sunday or some other fundraiser at your parish.Wheelchair Sundays not only help provide wheelchairs for those in need, but they are also a great way to recruit new members for your Council.

At the very least, we hope that your Council is aware of this program and would at least donate $150 for one wheelchair, which is the state goal of our Worthy State Deputy Mark Evans.Out of the over 720 Councils in Texas, only about 140 councils donated to this mission this past fraternal year.

Please email me your donation details, but mail checks and forms to Dan Moberg, American Wheelchair Mission, 2600 E. Seltice Way, Suite A172, Post Falls, ID 83854-7991.Also, please be sure your Council Number and Diocese is on your checks, so that your donation will be properly credited.

If you have any questions about getting a drive started at your parish or anything else, please contact me via email at yankeesweb@tx.rr.com or cell at 214-405-8023.Thank you and God bless you Texas Brother Knights.

Pictured: Brother Brad Meyer and his daughter Morgan happily giving a wheelchair to a young boy

Wheelchair Mission

Texas by Diocese










Corpus Christi





El Paso


Fort Worth









San Angelo


San Antonio









(Goal $400K)

Top 5 Councils in State of Texas

1. Prince of Peace 11716 (Plano)



2. St. Mark 7613 (San Antonio)



3. St. Mark the Evangelist 6065 (Plano)



4. St. Edward 14512 (Spring)



5. Our Lady of Angels 13044 (Allen)



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