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Shield a Badge

By Pat Henz, State Warden

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Police Memorial

In my State Warden Report that I submitted for the State Convention, I tell a story of a situation where I didn’t have time to say a prayer. When I reflected back on what happened, I knew that although I didn’t say a prayer at the time, I knew someone else did. Sometimes, Officers don’t have that extra second to say a prayer.However, when YOU pray for an Officer or First Responder, just know, that YOUR prayer will be answered.Thank you for all those councils who are praying for First Responders whether through the “Shield a Badge with a Prayer” program or just regular intentions under the Good of the Order at your council meetings.It is comforting to know that God always has our backs.

So far this year, we have lost 18 officers in the line of duty. I don’t like always having to report on the tragedies of our officers here in Texas but it is going to happen.With all this sad news, I also want to point out some positive news about officers.Officers help people every day.They can leave a good impression on children, people who are down on their luck, and provide food or clothing to people they come across.If you have a great story about an officer in your community that has done something special or if your council is doing something special for an officer or department, please submit those things and spread the good news.

And now, during this COVID-19 pandemic, our attention has turned to other first responders – those being the nurses, doctors, and front line healthcare workers.We must continue to pray for them too as they put their lives on the line and risk their own safety and the safety of their family.

Consider starting a Shield a Badge program at your council.Pray for their Safety, their Good Judgment, and their Safe Return Home.For more information, please contact Pat Henz at pghenz@yahoo.com

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