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Texas State Council Virtual Convention

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

The Texas State Council held it's 116th Convention that was due to be celebrated in Dallas this weekend but was held virtually because of the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The convention was convened by State Deputy Mark Evans who greeted the delegates and asked Bishop Strickland, the State Chaplain, to open with a prayer. The Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson then addressed the over 250 delegates who had joined via telephone conferencing. Brother Anderson stated that the Covid-19 pandemic would not change our commitment to fraternity and that our financial strength and charity strength were staying strong. "Leave no neighbor behind" was to be our commitment to support our community. He additionally pledged a multi-million food bank donation and a 100 million church load fund. He reminded our membership that the Knights have given over 185 million dollars in charity and supported our Holy Father's Easter address.

Brother Anderson also praised the new exemplification ceremony as transforming friends into brothers and that we are committed to walk the path of knights 24/7.

He was followed by Supreme Director Terry Simonton who also greeted the delegates and thanked the Dallas convention team who did such a huge amount of planning. Brother Simonton additionally praised the new exemplification ceremony and a new tool to bring more Catholic men into the Order.

Chris Stark, General Insurance Agent gave a report about the state of KC insurance and was followed by a short message from Bishop Strickland who underlined the time to be strong with the new hope brought by the Easter Season.

State Deputy Mark Evans then opened the business session with the election of the State officers for the fraternal year 2020-2021 who are


Alfredo Vela


Diego Pena


Terry Fruge'


Bob Goss


Boyd Burris

All reports and resolutions and the budgets were in the Convention Supplement which was sent to all delegates and also published on the TSC Website. Delegates voted and all were approved with the exception of Resolution 19 which was deemed out of order.

State Deputy then congratulated all of the attendees and declared the 116th Convention over and wished everyone to stay safe.

Bishop Strickland offered the final benediction.

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