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By Boyd Burris, State Warden

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Boyd Burris

Congratulations to all of the newly elected Council Officers.By now, you have received your goals for the new year.Don’t look at your membership goal as “just another number that State and Supreme sets for you to get an award”.Far from it, it’s a challenge to you.As a Council Officer, you should strive to dedicate this year to grow your membership, to get practical Catholic men to join our ranks and defend our faith and Church.Many men are waiting to be invited into the Order, and as soon as they get involved in our activities, they will probably say, “I didn’t know you guys did this or I would have joined a long time ago”.

And, what’s the big deal about submitting forms to the State on the top activity in the four categories.Have you ever heard Council Officers say, “We don’t do this for an award”.I hope that’s true, but are they preventing the members who worked the activity from being recognized.And if the activity is good, why not share the idea with other Councils who may be looking for an activity.Just share your ideas!

Congratulations to the new District Deputies.You have the best job in the Knights.But the job comes with a big responsibility.You are the leader of all of the Councils in your District.You are responsible for making sure all of your Councils make Star Council.It’s your duty to help the Councils schedule recruitment weekends, degrees, and perform their duties as described by the Supreme Council.

There will be times when a Council or a DD will need help.There are experienced people willing to assist you all over the State.Start with the State Directors and their Chairmen and Committeemen.Whatever question you have, these guys will have an answer and help you succeed.

Let’s all work together this year and make this our best year ever!

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