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Council 7563 answers the call to the “Leave No Neighbor Behind” Campaign

By Charlie Calderon DGK 7563

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

7563 Photo 1

The Coronavirus pandemic has greatly increased the need for charitable works. In challenging times good men step forward and make great things happen. We are encouraged to think outside the box, be creative and help others get through this terrible pandemic. Our “Leave No Neighbor Behind” project was an excellent place to start making a difference. Keeping this program in mind, Council 7563 initiated its food pantry project.Brother Knights generously donated various food staples to begin stocking our pantry in hopes of serving our community. The food bank at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger was stretched to the limit but was still able to provide us with an abundance of much appreciated items.

The Councils’ first Food Pantry Distribution took place on May 29th and food boxes were distributed to over 120 families in the community. The Councils’ second Food Pantry Distribution took place on June 27th and food boxes were distributed to over 145 families in the community. Our third Food Pantry Distribution was held on August 15th and food boxes were distributed to over 160 families in the community.My Brothers, you received the call and you responded like a true Knight. Please accept our gratitude for a job well done!

In addition, we were blessed to have His Excellency Bishop Seitz join us. He jumped right in and helped distribute the food boxes at our first event. We were also grateful to have the support of Father Tony who was extremely pleased with the success of the project. We also had the support of Father Victorino and Father Ivan who, along with Father Tony, distributed boxes to our Parish community.A special thanks once again to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, our Brother Knights and the Council for all of the generously donated items that helped to make this distribution a success. Special thanks to Brothers Louie Martinez and Victor Portillo for their dedication and leadership.

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