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Thousands march at Texas Rally for Life in downtown Austin

By Mark Johnson, Editor

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


The Texas State Council Officers, Past State Deputies and many of our Clergy joined Texans from across the state gathered Saturday, January 28 to march to the Texas Capitol at the Annual Texas Rally For Life that was held.

The march was led by members of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus, a Catholic-based fraternal organization.

Marchers began in front of the Bullock Texas State History Museum and made their way to the Capitol, where the pro-life rally was held on the south steps.

People from Midland, Corpus Christi, Houston and elsewhere took about 30 charter buses to the event, said Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life and member of the event host committee.

Marchers chanted, “we are pro-life” and “pro-life generation” as they walked through the streets of downtown Austin. It was a family friendly crowd, with many children and teenagers holding signs saying, “my generation will end abortion” as parents walked with babies in strollers. Some pockets of marchers prayed the rosary while they walked.


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