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Texas Knight

The Journal of the Knights of Columbus in Texas

since 1902

Vol. 1, 2019-2020

Messages From Our Leadership

Message from The State Deputy

by T. Mark Evans State Deputy

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July Fast Start

by Bill Eliott, State Member Director

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Texas State Charities

by SK Boyd Burris, PGK, FDD, PFN Color Corp Commander State Charities Director Texas State Council

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2020.1 Psst….. I want to tell you a Secret!

by Ron Alsonzo

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What’s the Plan?

by Reggie Vasquez, Star Council Awards Chairman

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Wheelchair Mission Update

by Bill Weber, Wheelchair Chairman

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Hispanic Development and the Changing Demographic in Texas

by Tony Fontanelli, Council Growth Director

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August – Celebrate the Life & Legacy of Father McGivney

by PSD Douglas Oldmixon, State Historian

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