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Council Growth

By Jack Gunn, Council Growth Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


My Brothers – greetings – I hope you and your families are having a holy Lenten Season as we all work to deepen our relationships with Jesus and prepare for the celebration of Easter!

Let’s begin with Supreme Per Capita. As February 1st, there are 88 Texas Councils Suspended by Supreme as compared with 92 at the start of our current fraternal year. Efforts are underway throughout the State to be at our goal of 78 by the end of the year. If you are aware of a Suspended Council you believe can be reactivated – please reach out to your District Deputy or Diocesan Deputy, feel free to copy Joe Torres, Boyd Burris or I and we will help you evaluate the opportunity. One of the things we need each District Deputy and Grand Knight to do is to ensure that Supreme Per Capita billed at the beginning of January and due April 10 is PAID NOW. Please don’t wait. I’m sure you’ve noticed that our goal of 78 suspended Councils will be extraordinarily difficult to achieve if any additional Councils are suspended in April. This is something all of you can help your State Deputy with– Thanks in advance for your help.

Boyd Burris, New Council Development Chairman, reports that we currently stand at a total of nine new Councils thus far this fraternal year against our goal of 12. Two new councils are very close to forming and or are in the process of being completed, so our prospects here are excellent. Thanks to all involved in creating New Councils this fraternal year and last, you are key to accomplishing Fr. McGivney’s vision in every parish.

As of this writing, we have forms in hand for 139 Round Tables against our goal of 200. Again this year we are working late in the fraternal year to complete our reporting on our existing Round Tables. As a reminder, a form 2629 to establish a Round Table is required to be submitted each year by the end of September and a 2630 to report on the activity of the Round Table by the end of June. So, if you had a Round Table last year and have not yet filed it for the year, please do so at your earliest convenience. Councils and DD’s with forms filed last year and not yet this year can expect to hear from Brother Brad Meyer in the near future to get these completed and turned in. So, please take a few minutes and complete the form for us. Here is a link for you to submit the report - http://www.kofc.org/un/en/forms/council/2629Online.pdf . Don’t forget to copy Kathleen McLaughlin at the state office (forms@tkofc.org) and she will get them to us.

Thanks to all of you throughout the state for all you do to grow the Order in Texas and to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Texas! I would again reiterate our thanks to those involved in New Council Development and Council Reactivation, we understand the effort required and expended!

Vivat Jesus!


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