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College Councils – The Future of the Knights of Columbus in Texas

By Tony Fontanelli Council Growth Director

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Tony Fontanelli

One of the best kept secrets in Texas is the existence of our College Councils. Texas leads the Order in the number of functioning College Councils with fourteen currently active. Additionally we have three more, at UTSA in San Antonio, Angelo State in San Angelo, and West Texas A&M in Canyon where the possibility of a new Council is being explored.

You may ask why this is so important in light of the over 700 current active Councils across our great State of Texas.There are two reasons that the College Councils and the fine young Knights at those Councils are so important to Texas and the future of the Knights.

First and foremost is that every time we are able to get a young man into one of our College Councils it increases exponentially the chances that young man will continue in the Catholic Faith by going to Mass each week and doing Church, Youth and Community Service Projects with other young Catholic Men while he is away at school.

Secondly, and equally important, is that these young Knights are learning Leadership Skills and how to be effective Council Officers during their time in a College Council. For the future of the Knights of Columbus in Texas this is vital. We must have young leaders ready to keep Texas at the forefront of the Order with new ideas and initiatives that will attract younger men and their families to want to be part of the Knights in Texas.

Each of you, my Brother Knights of Texas, can help grow our College Councils and keep them strong by referring your sons, grandsons, nephews, and Catholic friends’ male relatives to our College Council Coordinator for Texas Tony Martin. By providing a referral’s name, school he is attending, and contact information to Tony, we can provide the Grand Knight at his College with the information, and the young man the opportunity to be a young leader of Knights.

Just provide the information requested below to Tony Martin at ddtony14@att.net



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