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Council 10463 conducted an All Souls Novena

By Ron Smith, Recorder and Faith/PR Director Council 10463 - Our Lady of the Lake

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Rev. Rakshaganathan Selvaraj (Fr. Raj) and the Council 10463 completed an All Souls Novena with Mass at St. Mary, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church at Lago Vista, Texas.

Council 10463 created opportunities for prayer and reflection as a fraternity. Under the guidance of our chaplain, Rev. Rakshaganathan Selvaraj (Fr. Raj), Council 10463 members and wives (30 people) attended an All Souls Novena for reflections together. Other parishioners were invited with total average attendance of 50 parishioners. The All Souls Novena included a daily Mass at 9AM and occurred from November 16-24, 2018 inclusive.This Novena fulfilled our Spiritual Reflection Program required to qualify for Columbian Award. Council 10463 is a small council of 96 members.

(L-R): SK Martin Wildi, BK Doug DeGroot, Trustee SK Bob Crow, Trustee PGK BK Stan Miller, SK Henry Lampert, DGK SK Howard Hoover, GK SK Mike Valls, Chaplain Fr. Raj, Trustee Roger Conway, BK Phil Marcis.[Photo by Lady Sylvia Valls]

(L-R): Sacristan BK John Reilly and Chaplain Fr. Raj.[Photo by Lady Sylvia Valls]

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