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Wheelchair Mission Update

By Bill Weber, Wheelchair Chairman

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Below are Wheelchair Mission activities, which I am aware of, so far during this fraternal year.Please let me know what your councils and dioceses are doing to support the American Wheelchair Mission, so that I can include them in future reports.Also, please be sure your council number is on your checks, so that your donation will be credited to your council and diocese.

In July, Father Emil Platte Council 5052 of Mary Immaculate in Farmers Branch held their fourth Wheelchair Drive.They raised $17,003, which is equal to what was raised the prior 3 years combined when they were doing pulpit announcements instead of pulpit talks.Thanks to Dallas Diocesan Deputy Roy Rabenaldt for his efforts in leading their drive all 4 years.

In August, the El Paso Diocese and Fort Worth Diocese completed their fundraising of $16,500 for a small container of 110 wheelchairs to be distributed locally.Joseph Grillo helped make this happen in El Paso and George Webster in Fort Worth.

In September, Prince of Peace Council 11716 in Plano distributed a portion of the 280 standard wheelchairs and 100 specialty wheelchairs they funded in March with over $103K for the CRIT Center in Merida, Mexico.Ten people made the trip including Prince of Peace pastor, Father Tom Cloherty, and State Charity Director Boyd Burris and his wife Patricia.

In October, Santa Maria Council 6065 of St. Mark the Evangelist in Plano raised $34,952 with their first ever Wheelchair Drive.Their drive will provide wheelchairs for the CRIT Center in Tamaulipas, Mexico thanks to the leadership of Charlie Minjares, Bill Butcher and Grant Burton.The Austin Diocese also completed their fundraising of $16,500 for a small container of 110 wheelchairs to be distributed locally thanks to Joe Jimenez for all his efforts.

In November, Our Lady of Angels Council 13044 in Allen also held their first ever Wheelchair Drive.Their drive raised $20,031 and will also benefit the CRIT Center in Tamaulipas, Mexico so that a large container of 280 wheelchairs will be sent there.Brad Meyer led their drive.St. Francis of Assisi Council 7099 in Grapevine held their fourth Wheelchair Drive and it was their most successful drive ever as they raised $13,086.Dennis Gaynor again led their efforts.

In December and January, no Wheelchair Drives were held but we continued to receive donations from councils.

So far this fraternal year, the state of Texas has raised over $158K for the American Wheelchair Mission.Please see spreadsheet below shown By Diocese and Council.It excludes Amarillo, Corpus Christi and Laredo Diocese, since no donations have been received from them. I am aware of other councils that have scheduled Wheelchair Drives for February, March and June.This is the most effective way to raise funds for the Wheelchair Mission. We need more councils to step up and help with this mission by holding a Wheelchair Drive at their parish in order to reach the state goal of $400K. I would be glad to address any questions or concerns you might have and help you get started.Please contact me via email at yankeesweb@tx.rr.com or cell at 214-405-8023.

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