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Catholic Charities’ Gabriel Project

By Tony Perez

Vol. 4, 2023 - 2024


Knights of Columbus Council 14679 held an event at St. Patrick Cathedral on October 13 in support of Catholic Charities’ Gabriel Project.Over $4,600 was raised, in addition to donations of baby clothes, blankets, bottles, and 30+ boxes of diapers.The Gabriel Project offers free assistance to pregnant women and their families, connecting them with resources which help them choose life for their unborn babies.

Over the course of six Sunday Masses, dozens of Knights served snow cones, helped load and unload donations, and served both breakfast and lunch for the many volunteers.“The weather was great!” said Knights of Columbus Field Agent Bob Hoholick, adding “What was amazing, at least 20-30 times throughout the day, people who attended an earlier Mass came back.”Parishioners returned with just-purchased bags of pacifiers, bibs, pajamas, and other baby supplies.

Council 14679 has previously held events at St. Patrick in support the American Wheelchair Mission, which donates wheelchairs to those in need who cannot afford them, and Mother and Unborn Baby Care, a pregnancy counselling center in Forth Worth.

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